Revolutionise addressing management system by dynamic multilayer encrypted tags

Slow Down the Deforestation

with our tech solution, it is possible to use packages more than once, One lifetime dynamic database code, limits the number of labels usage and addresses on letters and packages.


The main product

  • Keep the customer information private !

  • Provide easy to use API for medium size retailers

  • Manage the addresses as easy as possible

  • Avoid using extra labels and printing addresses.

  • Save Time !

  • Show relevant accessories to customers

  • Address management system

Send packages as easy as whatsapp messages !

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One click return !

One click related accessories !

Template for B2b brands

Extend insurance

Instant order

Digital user manual

Fake or Orginal? the guaranteed time, assign ownership, and more ...

Solutions for B2B and B2C

Assign mass addressing labels

Protect company properties and important personal items

Embedded dynamic tags in products

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US provisional patent

Provisional Patent application for process of our novel logistic system (Micro entity at USPTO)

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